Morrison Digital Media

Website Design Extras

We can help you improve your WordPress website by adding new features and designs. For example, we can create an online store, set up a special area for customers, or create a course. We can also design reports that you can download.


Single Product/ Service

If you only want to sell a few things, a Simple PayPal Shopping Cart might work for you. You need to have a free PayPal business account to use it.

Price: $400 +GST

Full Online Store Set Up

WooCommerce with PayPal. Includes styling to match the look and feel of the website. Styling includes the category page, product details page, shopping cart, checkout, and mini shopping cart. Email confirmations testing, and test PayPal payments included.

Up to 2 products – $1100 +GST
Up to 10 products – $1500 +GST

Additional WooCommerce Functionality

  • WooCommerce Bulk import products.
  • WooCommerce shipping for the Australia Post module.
  • Woocommerce link to a shipping company
  • WooCommerce bank payment gateway
  • WooCommerce QuickBooks/Xero/MYOB product and invoice integration
Price: TBA

Website Backups

Every website, whether hosted by us or another company, gets regular backups in case of server problems. These backups are not suitable for single website recovery.

Keep your backups in case of website problems or attacks. You can do manual backups via the CPANEL or let us do it for you. Hackers can install code on your website without you knowing for weeks or even months.

You may not be aware until Google alerts you or drops your site from their listings. Your backups could be infected too. It’s important to keep several backups.

Choose a package for your backups based on how often you update your website. If you update every few months, choose monthly or quarterly backups.


52 Weekly Backups – $1144 ($22 per backup)
12 Monthly Backups – $396 ($33 per backup)
4 Quarterly Backups – $198 ($49.50 per backup)
1 Annual Backup – $66

WordPress Upgrade

As we all know, the internet is a fast-paced and constantly evolving landscape. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that your website is operating at its absolute best. Not only does this guarantee your users will have the best experience possible, but it also ensures that your online presence is secure, efficient, and optimized for success.

There are a few key steps you can take to maintain and improve your website’s functionality, including regularly updating your WordPress platform, theme, and plugins. These updates help to bolster your online security, streamline performance speed, address issues of incompatibility, and even provide exciting new features to set your website apart from the rest.

Our team of expert professionals is here to assist you in these efforts, ensuring that every aspect of your site is running smoothly and efficiently. Trust us to manage your website’s updates and upgrades and experience the peace of mind and confidence that comes with a website operating to its full potential.

Price: $220

Store Locator

We help retailers sell more by providing a tool that shows customers where your products are sold.

Customers can search by suburb or postcode and see a map with detailed information about the stores that sell your products.

Our tool is designed for retailers who sell in bulk and want to promote their sales.

By using our tool, you can reach new opportunities, markets, and audiences for your business. Includes set up of up to 5 x stockists. Extra charges to set up more. 

Price: $780

WordPress Training

Learn to update and customise your website with our expert WordPress training sessions via Skype or phone.

We offer personalised – Min 2-hour sessions to cover everything from basics to advanced features such as managing plugins, adding images or videos, and updating content.

Take control of your website from the comfort of your home or office with our assistance. 

We cover the basics, such as:

  • Dashboard tour
  • Editing existing pages
  • Creating new pages,
  • Adding information and photos
  • Website menu, etc


$110 per hour

PDF Report Design

If you are looking to capture your visitor’s details, then offering them a professional-looking downloadable report in return for their email address is a must.

Let us design a PDF report that will help to convert visitors into paying customers.

Price: $220

Social Media Sharing

Use a Social Media Sharing Plugin on your website to increase visibility and help your content go viral.

Visitors can spread the word about your products or services with just one click, without having to be a member of every social media platform.

The plugin enables them to share your content on their preferred platform, attracting new followers and making engagement more convenient for existing ones.

Price: $140

Appointment Calendar

If you want customers to be able to make appointments with you, this is a great solution. It works well for businesses or people who schedule times with clients, like consultants, designers, salons, photographers, doctors, healers, and salespeople.

This solution allows customers to book appointments on your website. You can collect payments or deposits using PayPal. You can manage your entire team, make service providers and services. You can also send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates.

Price: $550 for installation and set up of vCita Plugin (does not include cost of plugin)

One Click Call Button

We highly recommend taking advantage of our innovative and efficient “Call Now” button, as it is designed to help you ramp up mobile call volume with minimal effort on your part.

This feature is incredibly simple and user-friendly, making the process of connecting with potential clients a breeze. No longer will customers have to go through the hassle of dialing a phone number manually, as they can simply tap the button to reach you in seconds.

If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest adding this button to your website today to boost engagement and drive more quality leads to your business.

Price: $130 installation and set up

Website Load Speed

Slow loading web pages could be the reason you’re losing website visitors. Our experts can optimise your website for faster loading to keep visitors engaged.

Don’t let slow loading times frustrate potential customers – let us help you gain an edge in the market by improving your user experience.

Price: $220

SEO Plugin

Optimise your website for search engines with an SEO plugin and watch your rankings improve.  You don’t need to be a webmaster or developer to use this plugin – it is designed for beginners as well as advanced users. The plugin allows you to add titles, descriptions and keywords to each post and page of your site as well as set site wide defaults.

We like to use All In One SEO

Price: $220 for installation and set up of AISEO Plugin (does not include the cost of plugin which is a yearly subscription)

Instagram Feed

Instagram is an excellent platform to reach a broader audience and connect with customers. By adding Instagram feeds to your website, you can showcase your latest content in one place, keeping your site fresh and current.

It’s easy to add Instagram feeds to your website using plugins or embed codes. Put your Instagram posts on your website today and make it part of your website!

Price: $220 installation and set up