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Website Audit

Let's transform your website!

If your website was an employee, would you fire it?

In a recent survey, we found that 98% of business owners are not happy with how their website performs!

If you are one of those 98% and would like an audit of your website, let us review it for you.

We will make practical suggestions for improvements that can be made to your current website to ensure it not only looks good, brings you lots of new visitors, but also converts those visitors into paying customers.

You've got a website... but you wonder if it's actually doing anything for your business.

Tech Report for Tabitha Lee Boutique 1st November 2023

Having a successful website involves much more than making it visually appealing.  Many components go into creating a website that converts visitors into paying customers and we look at your website to determine:

  1. How visitor-friendly it is
  2. How professional does it look
  3. What calls to action does it have
  4. Is there design consistency
  5. Credibility and trust icons
  6. Is there sufficient content
  7. How search engine friendly it is
  8. Are there any security issues

and so much more.

We provide you with a Website Audit report that will help to make simple changes to your website that can have a huge impact on how it performs.


Website Audit Report Only – $330
Website Audit Report plus 1 Hour Website Consult – $440
Website Audit Report plus Video Audit – $440

Questions & Answers

The website performance audit is for anyone who needs help with improving their website and understanding how to increase conversions.

Whether you’re a coach, service provider or even a product-based business, you will walk away with actionable steps and clarity on how to improve your site’s performance, create better connections with your visitors and convert them into loyal fans.

Whatever it is you’re currently struggling with! Are you having trouble communicating who you are and what you do? Or maybe your traffic leaves your site after just 3 seconds? Or perhaps there’s just no traffic at all? 

Prior to our chat, we will review your concerns and build a plan that will bring you clarity and results. 

The website performance audit costs $300 and is payable upon booking your date in my calendar.

Upon booking your date, you will need to answer a couple of questions so I can put together a comprehensive plan of action for you.

Then just show up for our scheduled call with a pen and paper (there will be a lot of note-taking going on!) and prepare any additional questions you have for me!

That’s ok! We can also do an audit of your work in progress and advise on areas where you could improve or things to implement in order to achieve your goals. 

This audit is a consultation service, rather than a design service. After the audit, we will provide you with an action plan which you can either implement yourself or pass it on to your designer.

If you’re looking to transform your website, then please have a look at my Custom Web Design package.